Active Farmers 4 week

health & wellbeing challenge!

Stay tuned for the next start date in Winter!


What is the aim? The aim of the challenge is for you to focus on your health for one month and make some healthy lifestyle changes and habits.

How does it work? We will provide you with short educational videos focused on three key categories; fitness, nutrition and mindfulness and then set challenges for the week, such as exercise on 3 out of 7 days, listen to a mindfulness audio 3 times per week and eat a healthy breakfast every day.

What else is included? In addition to our educational videos we also provide you with the following;

  • Mindfulness audio's
  • Solo and group lesson plans
  • Nutritional resources
  • The Greengrocer's Diet cookbook by Judy Davie (if you already have the book you can purchase the challenge exclusive of the book)
  • Meal plans and shopping lists from Judy Davie
  • Plus lots of encouragement and support along the way!


Anna Ross: Accredited Practicing Dietician

Narelle Hunter, Mindfulness Specialist

Ginny Stevens, PT and Active Farmers General Manager

Judy Davie, author of The Greengrocer's Diet

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how do I sign up?????


Our challenge will run through a platform called a chat bot via Facebook Messenger (you don't need Facebook to join). 

We will utilise this platform to deliver our content to you in a fun and interactive manner.

Click below for instructions if you don't already have Facebook Messenger.