With Tony Hudson

Although Active Farmers originated as a group fitness service for farmers and community members, it has been expanding quickly into all areas that contribute to improving mental health. We all know that financial stress is a large driver of poor mental health, therefore we are glad to welcome Tony Hudson, a financial consultant to the Active Farmer Network!

Tony will be providing two financial workshops to the Active Farmer Network

To book in a workshop or contact Tony get in touch here!

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Lets introduce Tony...

Tony brings more than 20 years’ experience in the agribusiness sector, where his focus has been analysing financial performance to improve his clients’ business profitability and to support them in achieving their business and personal goals. He has a strong knowledge of agriculture and business at both a corporate and production level. 

As a facilitator and trainer, Tony’s skills are highly sought after throughout Australia. He applies a balance of empathy, patience and determination to identify and resolve the underlying issues to enhance business performance. Much of his work is conducted in a challenging and highly emotive business environment where delivering workable solutions is critical. He has worked with clients in a variety of sectors, including manufacturing, mining/resources, information technology, food and fibre, retail and real estate. 

Following seven years lecturing and as Director of Farm Management at Marcus Oldham College, more recently Tony has worked as a specialist facilitator and business consultant to corporate and large scale family farming businesses, focussing on financial performance and strategic planning. He also holds a non-executive position on a number of advisory boards. 

Tony holds a B.Ag.Sci(Hons) and Cert IV in Assessment and Workplace Training. 

Based in Melbourne, Tony’s interests outside of work include spending time with his young family, maintaining a high level of fitness and enjoying a busy social life – always with fabulous food!